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The Creative Process Ep. 3: Chef's Kiss

About Chef's Kiss @chefskissband

Chef's Kiss is comprised of the iconic duo Solange Kupersmid and Dylan Fox.

What was your favorite part of creating a single or an album? What is your favorite piece of work you have done?

My favorite moment of recording ‘YTILY?’ was coming up with the lead guitar line for the chorus. It surprised me since I usually wouldn’t come up with a line like that. Dyl’s favorite part was listening to my original voice memo develop into the final recording. ‘YTILY?’ is our favorite song so far, although we currently have some cooking that are in the running to top it.

What inspires you? Are there certain projects that have inspired you more than others?

We have as many contrasting influences as we have shared ones. For example, Dyl is into The Brian Jonestown Massacre while I listen to anyone from Aldous Harding to SZA. We both admire artists like Jack White and St. Vincent.  It’s hard for us to put energy into anything that doesn’t inspire us, therefore the only things that get done come from true inspiration.

Where do you begin your process?

Dylan records his songs as he writes them, so his process begins by opening Logic Pro, his DAW of choice. I just begin however I can. The ideas come to me and I bring them to life in the best way I know how in that moment.

What makes your work different from others?

We wouldn’t say it’s too different from others, more of an interpretation of a collection of muses.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting a creative career or creative outlet (or wanting to enter your industry)?

Just do it and stop waiting for it to happen to you. No one knows what they're doing, just what they want to do, especially us.

If you could have any piece of your work on a billboard, which would it be?

Definitely our cover for ‘YTILY?’ inspired by 80s postmodern digital art.

Do you feel like the pandemic has forced you to be more or less creative than you were prior to it?

The pandemic has absolutely given us the opportunity to be more creative. It gave us a chance to start over and make considerable changes. Before, we could rely on the help of creative teams for photoshoots, videos, etc. Now, we’re our own DP, editors, audio engineers and more. We’re definitely better for it.

What decade would you thrive in and why?

We both think we would kill it in the 90s in L.A. or London because we love the pre social media era, the music, and style.

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