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Loving You From a Distance: A 2020 Love Story

By Paisley Meir

Hey, you’re cute, but only from a distance.
                                                            Wow, you’re so cool, but only from distance.
I really want to get you know better, but only from a distance.
                                      You are the love of my life, but I think, only from a distance.
I have never said this before, but I think I love you, only from a distance though.
     Dating in our generation was hard before Coronavirus. Dating was hard, period. And, granted, in the grand scheme of things, dating being more difficult is not the end of the world and it surely is not the worst thing that has happened because of COVID-19. I by no means want pity, but what many people fail to understand, specifically the people in long-term committed relationships, is that dating with COVID-19 still fucking sucks. As a 20 year old in my prime, I want to be out there, I want to be finding the love of my life. I don’t want to be walking around covering my face with a mask. I don’t want to have to shove a stick up my nose every time I go on a date. I don’t want to have to try and fall for someone through Zoom.
     But alas, 2020 is the year of loving you from a distance. In a society, or rather in a world, plagued with a pandemic that is transmitted through one of the major forms of affection, touch, we are forced to love, but only from a distance. We are forced to get to know people through a mask, to form meaningful relationships with at least a 6ft distance between us, and to break down each other’s walls while having a wall covering half of our face.
     If you had asked me at the start of this year what this year had in store for me, I would have said ‘I don’t know. Hopefully love and adventure, maybe?’ Little did I know, I would come face to face with the biggest hunk of my life and go on the craziest adventure of my life. In 2020 I found a love so great it crossed continents, a love so powerful it broke world records, a love so meaningful that it blossomed, even from a distance. Here’s the story.
     There I was, making my way downtown, walking fast, passing faces, and definitely not homebound, when I saw him. Tall, dark and not really that handsome, but definitely prepared to ruin my life. The one but definitely not only, COVID-19 stud slammed into my life and brought me on an adventure of a lifetime. If this had been an actual guy, it would have been romantic. I mean come on, I would always be thinking about him, he would take my breath away, he would drive me crazy but allow me to nap to get over it, and he would take over my whole world. That’s what every girl wants, right?
     False. That is a toxic ass love story, but unfortunately that is the one I have for 2020. With very little options for romantic connections in a society that is forcing me to only associate with my family, my cats and my dog, I find myself romanticizing the concept of a COVID man. I find myself desperately craving the butterflies in my stomach, the warmth that spreads to my chest when I have a crush, the giddy feeling of leaning in for that first kiss, and how do I cope? I watch Netflix, swipe on Tinder and use any excuse to romanticize the utterly unromantic life that living with your parents at 23 brings about in a global pandemic.
     So now what? What do us singletons do? How do we find a non-toxic love story to complete 2020? Honestly, I wish I had an answer. I wish it was as simple as waving a magic wand, or snorting some magic dust in order to make everything better. But, sadly it isn’t. Sadly, the COVID hunk that I mistook for a prince charming was actually a dragon that has yet to be slayed. But the story isn’t over just yet as 2020 isn’t over just yet. Yes, dating sucks and dating sucks even more in a worldwide pandemic, but even once the pandemic is over, it will continue to suck, but we do it anyway. And, if Romeo and Juliet could find each other and fall in love against their parents' wishes, and Edward and Bella could make it work even though one of them was dead and one of them was just severely constipated looking all the time (lets just ignore the fact that they all end up dead in some form or another for the purposes of a happy ending to this blog), then we too have the possibility of finding love, right? We too have the possibility of finding ‘the one’ even in a global pandemic.
     So swipe those fingers, prep that Zoom meeting, do those pushups and change out of your pajama bottoms, because love is out there, but for the meantime, only from a distance.
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